Taking The Dog Out For A Bike Ride In The French Countryside

Lately, one of my favorite ways to get in my daily exercise is with a bike ride, but I feel guilty about leaving my furbaby at home while I’m gone. If did a bit of research on what to do about it. Guess what? If bike riding is a passion you enjoy, instead of leaving your poor beloved dog behind wondering where you leave for extended periods of time, why not take them along? Yup, you can do that! While there are concerns every dog owner has about this activity, taking the right precautions can lead to both a happy and healthier pet. Read on for some tips to make this enjoyable for the both of you.

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Get A Checkup (If The Dog Will Run Beside The Bike)

Just like any human needs to consult with a physician prior to engaging in any strenuous activity, the same applies to dogs as well. Take your dog to the veterinarian and get the go ahead to proceed. It is recommended that a dog be at least 25 pounds as biking activities are best suited for medium to larger sized dogs. More muscular dogs may not have the endurance for longer distances such as breeds that have leaner builds. Bulldogs and pugs or any dogs with flatter face types also cannot travel for long distances as they quickly overheat. Physically they cannot move air in and out as efficiently as other dogs can.

Younger dogs should also be excluded until they are at least one year of age. Short legged dogs obviously have a disadvantage but one should know that longer bodied dogs also cannot tolerate distance as well either. Find out what’s best for your pet.

The Right Equipment

Racing bikes are not recommended so while taking the dog along, using a mountain or cruiser bike is the best. Specialty bikes such as recumbent or trikes can also work with some modifications. We are assuming from this point that you’re a safe rider and use the proper safety equipment such as a helmet, gloves and bright colored clothing with reflective highlights.

Specialty dog leashes made for this purpose. A hands free leash with non tangling lead extension. When analyzing different types, know that having the dog run alongside or more behind you is safer since they can judge where you are better than if they were a bit ahead, without you in view. A body harness will keep them safer as a standard collar could be dangerous if things go wrong. Watch your dog’s paw pads extra carefully during this time. Applying wax can help condition them while they build up some protection. Also consider footwear as an alternative, especially if you trek along rougher terrain. A cooling vest can work well during the warmer months.

Or, if you have a small pup like me, then he can ride with you! All you need is the best dog bike basket for your particular model of bike and you are ready to take the pup out for a ride! Personally, I think this is a better choice that letting the dog run along beside you. But, some people prefer to get the dog some exercise too!

As one can see, there is no reason not to take your dog along for the ride. Learn to carefully train them in the process by walking along with them with the bike at first. After some slow trials at a slower pace, your dog should quickly get acclimated and be ready for the journey that waits ahead for the both of you!

Helpful Weight Lifting Tips That Anyone Can Use

Everywhere you look today the message is about losing weight through diet and exercise. Although that is a very good thing, at times it can be overwhelming, especially if you are someone who has never even lifted weights before.

Combining a good workout routine with a sensible diet is the best way to get into top physical shape. Studies have shown that weight lifting is a very good way to lose weight fast since your metabolism is burning calories even after you are done.

It is important that before you start any weight lifting program you speak with your doctor to determine if you are in good enough shape for exercise. Your doctor may suggest that you start out working with light weights, just to get your body used to the movements so you don’t strain any muscles.

It is important that you practice proper technique when lifting weight in order to not get hurt, but also to grow your muscles in the quickest way. When you have proper form it is easier to lift the weight and work on the muscles that you are targeting. Without good form you could end up hurting yourself and not really working on what you are intending to build up. You’ll also want to be sure that you have all the proper gear. I found the best weight lifting gloves for women to help make my strength training better.

When first starting out do not try to lift things you aren’t capable of. That is only going to hurt your back and you will be out of action for a long time. If you are at a point where you can lift heavy weight always make sure you have some to spot you. It also helps motivate you to lift more weight when a spotter is there to push you further.

The good thing about weight lifting is that is not only something you can do at the gym but at home too. There is plenty of home equipment to buy if you are someone that doesn’t like going to the gym. At least now you can work out at your own pace and not have to worry about sharing equipment. However, since working with weights can be dangerous you are at an increased risk working out at home alone.

There is plenty of great information online to show you how to work out with weights. Proper form is important as well as knowing what exercises to do, and what muscles they target. With all of this great information available to us today, weight lifting can be a great method to get into shape very fast.

Home Workouts Are Becoming Very Popular Here

Each day all over the world people try to better themselves by getting in good physical shape. The one problem that most of us have or at least we like to blame it on this is not enough time. Well that is really no excuse because there are several workouts that you can do right now at home to at least keep yourself in shape.

Of course we all know the importance of proper diet along with exercise is the best way for you to lose weight and keep it off. But home workouts have become very popular lately because of our busy schedules. Making it to the gym just isn’t an option, so finding a nice place at home where you can stretch out and go to work shedding those unwanted pounds is the ideal situation.

Although you may not have money to buy certain home workout equipment, there are several ways to get things cheaply that could really boost your home workout program. First of all you are going to need to do some cardio so you can get your body limber and your heart rate pumping. Cardio is great because it really gets the blood flowing through your entire body and it gets you ready to lift some weight.

Cardio can be performed either by a nice walk, jog or run around your neighborhood, so you don’t even have to buy anything for that. If you want to step up your cardio in your home you could invest in a treadmill, perhaps one that is used which you can get at a local garage sale. Also jumping rope is an exceptional cardio exercise.

Lifting weights are very important because that’s what helps really supercharge your metabolism even after you are done working out. You can either buy a weight bench, a set of dumbbells, or one of those power towers that include many different workouts in one machine. All of these options can be bought for not a lot of money.

If you are low on cash go to a local garage sale or some place that sells used equipment. Weight lifting of some sort must be incorporated into your routine. Even if its just a bunch of dumbbells you can do a lot of exercises with them.

There are so many home workouts that you can do and the best place to find a quality routine is online. Many professional bodybuilders are kind enough share tips and tricks on how to lose weight, get into great shape and build muscle the right way. Follow their tips and you are guaranteed to have a great home workout every time.