Cheap Travel To France from USA

If you are interested in uprooting yourself (and maybe your family, if you’re not single) and moving from the United States to France, then getting there is one of the things that should be near the top of your “To Do” list.

Since there is an ocean between the USA and France, you are kind of limited in your transportation options. You can either fly or arrive by boat. Now, the boat option isn’t a bad choice if you enjoy cruises or just want to take in a few cool locations on the way. You can often find cruises that leave from Miami and sail to the coast of Spain and France. And since the cruise tickets are one-way, you will be all set.

Of course, taking a cruise to France from the USA is not usually the cheapest option. For those who are on a budget, your best bet is to book a flight from the East Coast. Usually the airports in New York City and Boston have the lowest priced deals, but sometimes you can find them out of Philly, DC and Miami.

When it comes to the cheapest airline for those fares to France, definitely go with Norwegian Air. Right now they have the best prices to Europe. In fact, that is how I got to Europe. I opted to land in Oslo and do a little exploring there for a few days before booking another cheap Norwegian flight into Paris. Once there, I was able to just take the trains, which is a very nice way to travel.

Another thing that I want to mention is that the lowest prices on airfare to Europe are often during the off-season or off-peak times of the year. The high season is summer, which means that January through April are cheapest along with September through November. Sometimes you can even get a one-way ticket for around $200 USD!! And remember, if it is cheaper for you to book a round-trip ticket than a one-way ticket, go ahead and do that cause it doesn’t really matter if you complete the other leg of the trip.

So, if you want to get to that new expat home in France, it looks like booking a flight on Norwegian Air is going to be your most budget friendly option. And the best part is that all that money you save on transportation can be spent on those delicious French pastries once you arrive!

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