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Cattleya mendelii CARLOS ARANGO x flamea MOULIN ROUGE orchid RARE NBS seedling


Onc Twinkle 'White', orchid plant


Dendrochilum wenzelii, orchid species


Vanda Yano blue orchid plant. Nice blue flowers! A must have! Free USA shipping!


Vanda tricolor species orchid plant.Fragrant! Orchid sale! Free USA shipping!


Cymbidium Vana White 'Mana', orchid plant


Bulbophyllum Elizabeth Ann Buckleberry FCC/AOS, orchid plant


Maxillaria cucullata, orchid species


4 Live Cymbidium Orchid Plants


(Paph Supersuk 'Eureka' AM/AOS x Paph Rai Sin Pie 'Hsinying') x sib , orchid


SPECIES Laelia briegeri Orchid Plant - BIN


Fdk. After Dark 'Sunset Valley Orchidsl' FCC/AOS, orchid plant IN SPIKE


Cattleya orchid seedling Marcella Koss "Pink Marvel"


5+ Live Orchids (Cattleya,Oncidium,Dendrobium,Vanda,Phalaenopsis)


Vanda Nopporn Gold, orchid plant


Vanilla Bean Orchid, 12 Inches Fresh Cutting from My Plant.


Rlc. (Blc) Village Chief Rose 'Gangshan King', orchid plant


Vanilla orchid vine plant! Grow your own vanilla. Cutting per foot.


Oncidium flexuosum, orchid species


Vanda Paki, orchid plant


Dracula velutina xanthina YELLOW ON WHITE, CURLY TAILS, COMPACT orchid species


L purpurata #1 x C warscewiczii semi alba, orchid plant


Odontoglossum lindleyanum, orchid species


BIN ­čôŽDendrobium goldschidtianum-BAREROOT DIVISION RARE Orchid Species MUST HAVE


Encyclia mariae (syn Euchile mariae) compact orchid species Green White Flowers


Mtssa C. M. IFitch 'Izumi' AM/AOS., orchid plant IN SPIKE


Sarcochilus (Sweetheart 'Edith' x Enid 'Hercules'), orchid plant


Catasetum saccatum x (Ctsm. dragon's teeth x fimbriatum) nice orchid seedlings!!


BIN) Blc Charlie Cropton Cattleya Orchid Plant 2 1/2" Pot


Cymbidium Renee Taylor 'May Ling', orchid plant


SPECIES Laelia mantiqueriae Excellent outcross Orchid Plant - BIN


Rlc Suwamabhumi Delight 'Salmon Queen', orchid plant, back division


Dendrobium samurai species stratiotes X antennatum orchid plant. Free shippin


The Orchid Hobbyist Full Spectrum Plus Orchid LEDs


Onc Twinkle 'Pink Profusion', orchid plant IN SPIKE