How To Enjoy Paris, France – Public Transportation

When I first got to Paris, I was completely overwhelmed when it came to getting around on my own. I was so used to driving myself. And the Metro system was confusing for me at first! But if you’re coming here to visit, then my tips might help you out.

For the millions of visitors to Paris there are a number of public transportation options. The Metro and bus services allow access to the city’s cultural and historic attractions.

So how does one get around Paris at the height of the Tourist season – here are some some guidelines to getting around the City of Light.

1. The Metro.

The Metro is the way that most visitors to Paris can access the numerous attractions in the city. Similar to underground train networks in other leading cities the Metro is a fast and easy option. I use it all the time to head out to get my favorite hair care products, visit Christmas markets, go shopping for gifts, and more.

Visitors to the city can take any one of the 16 lines to anywhere in the city. For those familiar with underground railway systems anywhere in the world the Paris Metro will seem familiar.

Get your bearings using the map systems that are available at each stop and you will be able to plot your journey with the minimum of fuss and bother.Switch over and change trains at terminus stations and you will be swiftly conveyed to the stop closest to the attraction you wish to visit.

For those in doubt simply visit one of the friendly information kiosks and the staff will give you easy to follow instructions.

2. Save Money.

For international visitors the Paris Visite Card is one of the easiest ways to explore this wonderful city. It will allow the visitor unlimited access to Metro and in some cases the bus service and will cost them a fraction of what it would cost to buy individual tickets.

You can buy these Paris Visite Card’s at Metro stations as well as tourist information offices. Often there are special offers for entrance to some of the more popular Paris attractions attached to the purchase of these cards.

3. Bus Service.

The Paris bus service is one of the most efficient in the world. For those who want to take in the many cultural and historic attractions of the city the bus service is the way to go.

Note that buying a ‘t+” ticket which you will receive if you buy a carnet in a Metro station will not allow you unlimited access to the city. With this pass you will only be allowed 90 minutes of unlimited transfers between buses. You might be better served to consult your travel agent for unlimited transfer options. The Paris tourism office will also be able to provide other options.

Of course there are several specialized tour buses that will offer packages that allow the visitor to enjoy the City of Light – and these will include fabulous tour guides and entrance to some of the city’s wonderful attractions.

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