The French Pastry Walking Diet

I gotta say, one of the absolute best things about being in France is window at the local boulangerie. So many delicious looking pastries just waiting for me to try them! And let me not forget the fresh cream! They make hands down the best fresh cream for pastries here in France. I do not think that I have ever had any that tastes better than what I have had here. Even the fast food type of shops make it very well.

Of course, it doesn’t take many pastries and fresh cream toppings to start seeing your waist line expand. And I tell ya, when you do freelance writing online like I do, that means lots of sitting at the computer and not moving around much. So all those calories from the pastries can really start to be seen. Plus, experts say that sitting too much is bad for your health!

Well, I might not be able to prevent needing to sit at the computer most of the day, but I do believe that I found the secret to the French diet. I mean, everyone always wonders why French people can eat all that bread, pastries and rich sauces and not be overweight. Here is the answer – walking.

Yup, walking.

Since so few people use cars to get around, there is a lot of walking everywhere. And that walking is exercise and exercises helps to keep the pounds off. In fact, once I started taking walking breaks each day, I began to notice some definite differences in my waistline. And no, I have not cut back on my pastry consumption. I mean, how can you? They are so freaking delicious!

So, that is my take on the French diet secret. Of course, everyone has their theories on why the French are slim, so take your pick from them. I just know what works for me while I am here in France. And think about it – we don’t do that much walking in the US in the normal day to day. Just from our car into the office and from our car to our front door. And sometimes from our car to the store front door. That is not a lot of walking right there.

I suggest that you take my little French diet secret and try to apply it to your life no matter where you live. You just might learn that you can indulge in more sweets without gaining weight or seeing your waist expand!

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